ElastiFlow Releases Unified Flow Collector Beta

December 21, 2020

The ElastiFlow 5.0 Unified Flow Collector (Update June, 2024 - now called NetOberv) instantly transforms your open data platform into a powerful network performance and security analytics solution.

PHILADELPHIA, PA and MUNICH, GERMANY, December 21, 2020 – ElastiFlow Inc., the creators of the leading network analytics platform ElastiFlow with over 37,000 users, today announced the release of ElastiFlow 5.0. With a new high-performance collection engine, ElastiFlow delivers an unparalleled number of enriched flow fields to provide network traffic insights for improved security and performance management. The new design is focused on extreme scalability to effortlessly monitor the increasing traffic loads of the largest networks in the world. 

Complete and immediate visibility of network infrastructure has never been more important. While many solutions collect and transform only a basic subset of available data, ElastiFlow extracts data from over 6200 standard and vendor-specific fields, and over 100 vendors.

True network visibility is achieved by translating and normalizing all of these records to an intent-based schema. This enables out-of-the-box dashboards and reports to provide new insights into even the most heterogeneous network environment. Additionally, users are able to create and customize new dashboards and share their work with the large community of ElastiFlow users.

"Networks are the unsung heroes of the modern world in which we live,” stated ElastiFlow Founder and CEO, Rob Cowart. “Whether for business, healthcare, entertainment or social connection, we all depend on the reliability, performance and security of network infrastructure. We created ElastiFlow to provide the network visibility and insights necessary to make this world possible."

ElastiFlow 5.0 enables organizations to preserve and extend existing investments in open data platforms. The solution supports Elasticsearch, Splunk and additional data platforms to seamlessly expand users’ network visibility.

“Scalable threat intelligence solutions are necessary for defending today’s rapidly evolving networks,” said Jesse Price, CEO of NetQuest Corporation. “ElastiFlow, Inc. and their Unified Flow Collector allows security teams to leverage high-fidelity IPFIX flow metadata to ensure complete and immediate visibility for critical network security missions.”

About ElastiFlow

ElastiFlow delivers the world’s most scalable and performant network performance and security analytics solutions. Network observability is reimagined with ElastiFlow. The company serves the world’s most connected companies in all industries. While many solutions collect and transform only a basic subset of available data, The flagship ElastiFlow solution supports over 100 vendors and extracts data from over 6200 standard and vendor-specific fields. ElastiFlow is committed to empowering its users with the right insight at the right time.

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