ElastiFlow Announces General Availability of its Unified Flow Collector 5.0

February 28, 2021

Instantly transform your open data platform into a powerful network performance and security analytics solution with the ElastiFlow Unified Netflow Collector 5.0.

Philadelphia, PA and Munich, Germany, February 28, 2020 – ElastiFlow Inc., with over 37,000+ users of its flagship ElastiFlow community edition, today announced General Availability of its ElastiFlow Unified Flow Collector 5.0. ElastiFlow supports the leading open data platforms, such as Elasticsearch and AWS Open Distro, providing a true turnkey solution network performance and security analytics.“Our users, customers and partners have confirmed that basic flow data collection and processing falls short of today’s requirements for network observability,” stated ElastiFlow CEO and Founder Rob Cowart. “The market demands deep normalization, translation and enrichment of the data, to ensure that both human and machine-driven analytics, have the right insights at the right time. ElastiFlow’s ability to deliver highly detailed network telemetry, in real-time and at any scale, is perfectly timed to meet these prevalent market requirements. For example, when analyzing the scope of the highly publicized Solarwinds hack, it is clear that it should have been quickly detected using unsampled flow data. The companies impacted, most likely did not use network flow data to detect anomalous traffic, or they only used sampled data. ElastiFlow’s ability to provide deep insights on massive amounts of unsampled flow data, helps users to identify and mitigate threats before they become headlines.”Complete and immediate visibility of your network infrastructure has never been more important. While most solutions collect and transform subsets of data, the mandatory requirement of collecting flow records at any scale is only provided by ElastiFlow as the solution extracts data from 6200 plus standard and vendor specific fields.

ElastiFlow Difference

“NetQuest delivers deep visibility at scale to Enterprises, Service Providers and Government Agencies requiring real-time security analytics to ensure detection of hidden and emerging threats,” said Jesse Price, CEO and President of NetQuest. “Our OMX3200 provides high-density network visibility to security teams for 10G and 100G networks by generating unsampled IPFIX flow metadata. ElastiFlow’s Unified Flow Collector can uniquely scale to collect the magnitude of data our customers require. ElastiFlow and NetQuest offer joint security analytics solutions for meeting the demands of today’s web-scale networks.”The ElastiFlow Unified Flow Collector 5.0 enables enterprises to preserve and extend existing investments in open data platforms. The solution supports Elasticsearch, AWS Elasticsearch Service, AWS Open Distro and Elastic Cloud to enable customers to seamlessly use ElastiFlow to expand their visibility. ElastiFlow can meet the network observability needs horizontally across many industries. “The Unified Flow Collector helps us see and fix performance and security issues before our users become aware of them,” stated Senior Network Engineer, Alex Germain at OHSU. “ElastiFlow has helped us improve the overall quality of the services we deliver.” The real-time delivery of the right insight at the right time can never be underestimated.

About ElastiFlow

ElastiFlow delivers the world’s most scalable and performant network performance and security analytics solutions. With ElastiFlow, network observability is re-imagined with the most complete visualization solution, designed to analyze your network traffic. Networks and the people who engineer, deploy and maintain them, are the unsung heroes of the modern world in which we live. Whether for business, healthcare, entertainment or social connection, we all depend on the reliability, performance and security of network infrastructure. We created ElastiFlow to provide the visibility and insights necessary to make this world possible.

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